About Us

PaintbrushHow it's done

There are three important things to know about us, beyond our affinity for fashion:

1) We believe that a carefully selected accessory is the pièce de résistance that elevates an average outfit to an extraordinary ensemble; it's always the icing on the cake.  That's why we're updating our assortment of accessories seasonally to offer trendy accessories that will be the perfect accent to the classic pieces you already have in your closet.

2) No one should need to spend a million dollars to look like they did. Likewise, fashion jewelry doesn't need to be cheap just because you didn't spend a ton.  That's why we've chosen to defy the traditional retail model and offer you the best possible quality products at half the price of traditional retailers, directly from our manufacturers to our warehouse to you!

3) In fashion and life, we know that the greatest rewards require great risk, and that trends can change overnight.  That's why we're committed to putting you first by offering free, expedited shipping on all orders, along with free returns.  That way, you are free to experiment with how our accessories work with your favorite outfit.

How it beganGreat moments require great accessories.

Our company was founded by lifelong best friends Jess and Jen, who met in kindergarten at their elementary school located on Stowe Street. Having tired of paying a fortune for marked up costume jewelry from mass retailers during their teens and twenties, only to have it fall apart, the duo dreamed about addressing what was an ongoing challenge in their busy lives: how do I easily create stylish looks without buying an entirely new wardrobe each season?

Jess and Jen were certain that the answer to this quandary was in accessories, but also knew that finding the right designers and manufacturers would be critical to their dream business' success, and the timing needed to be just right.  Stowe Street, you see, was not Jess and Jen's first direct-to-consumer project.  Following in the footsteps of their first foray, Navali, a nautical and vintage men's accessories brand, Jess and Jen waited anxiously to launch Stowe Street until their first project got its sea legs.

Today, Stowe Street offers a full line of affordable and fashionable womens jewelry, and expands its selection of accessories with each passing season.  Be sure to check back often for our latest additions.